Check Out My Off-Beat Reading List to Get to Know Me a Little Better!

//Check Out My Off-Beat Reading List to Get to Know Me a Little Better!

Check Out My Off-Beat Reading List to Get to Know Me a Little Better!

For my first ever blog post, I am sharing with you what I’m currently reading. I have one book I’m actively devouring right now, and three books standing by on Goodreads. To me, picking up a book and spending hours with it is such a distinct pleasure. It gives you the chance to experience a whole other life during the time you’re submerged into the story, and I love the idea of reading as a kind of intense dialogue between author and reader. Each of the books I’m enjoying now offer a tiny insight into my reading habits, my life, and my current obsessions!

Hamilton by Ron Chernow

First up is the Hamilton biography by Ron Chernow. I love musicals and got on board the Hamilton train a couple of months behind everyone else—back in July 2016. Since then, I’ve learned just about all the words to the show’s music and was even lucky enough to see a performance in San Francisco. I do like biographies, though I haven’t read very many, and the Hamilton bio is holding my attention.

Prior to picking up the Chernow, I burned through a great book called The Long Surrender by Burke Davis. It’s about Jefferson Davis’s flight and surrender after the Civil War, which happens to be the historical time period I’m most interested in. Moving from that book fairly quickly into an even denser historical tome has slowed my progress on Hamilton, but I do plan to finish it.

Takeover by Lisa Black

Also on my currently reading shelf is Takeover by Lisa Black. Years ago, I accidentally read the third in the series without realizing that it was, in fact, a series. After searching for a long time, I finally got my hands on the first two books of the series. Thank you, Powell’s! Takeover is about a forensic scientist who helps the police. Yes, they all help the police, but this one is a little more hands-on than most. The story appeals to be because I briefly flirted with the idea of being a forensic scientist when I started college, before I remembered I’m bad at science.

I recently started watching Bones, a show on FOX about a forensic anthropologist who goes out in the field with an FBI agent to solve crimes together. Reading the book just made me want to watch Bones, so until I finish the show, I have my attention turned to the next book on my list.

Unseen by Karin Slaughter

That next book happens to be Karin Slaughter’s Unseen, the seventh book in the Will Trent series. I’m a big fan of the big crime/mystery genre, if you haven’t guessed by now. This series is great for multiple reasons. Not only are the stories interesting, the characters are complex and three-dimensional, and it’s set in Georgia! Ever since reading Gone with the Wind, I have been slightly obsessed with Georgia. Also, Will Trent and his girlfriend kind of remind me of Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder in The Killing, but that’s another story.

These books tell you some important things about me: I love television, especially crime shows with strong love interests and solid science. I like musicals a lot, and though I’m occasionally late to the party when it comes to pop culture, I make up it for with a ton of enthusiasm!

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